Homeschool Art provides classes for all schooling ages. Younger children focus on refining fine motor skills while older children and teens build techniques and technical skills through drawing, painting, and sculpting. These classes also provide art history and every week students receive handouts on the techniques, artists, or art movements they have studied that week. Students explore a variety of different art materials and styles, and take home their own piece of work each week!

  • Start anytime
  • 1-Hour Weekly class
  • Small class size
  • Professional Artist Approved Curriculum
  • Classes for ages 6 to 18

SL Wed 2:30 pm Home School Art

*Spring Semester: March 21-May 30*

"Every child is an artist"-Pablo Picasso.

Discover the artist in your child! Younger home school students work on fine motor skills and creativity through drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Older home school students and teens build techniques, technical skills, and building their own portfolio through drawing, painting, and sculpting. Small art class sizes allow for each child to get one on one attention and give them the opportunity to interact with others. Classes are limited in size, so sign your child up today!

Location: Southlake

Ages: 6-18

Day and Time: Wednesdays, 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Materials:$45 supply fee due first class. All other supplies included.

Classes are $25 each, but use code SEMESTER and get them for $22 each!

Monthly rates also available. Call for more information.

Price: $275.00

Date: March 21, 2018