Meet the Owner

Dallas artist, ANITA KIM ROBBINS, is the owner of Studio Art House. She is known for her highly textural renditions of nature that combine sculpture and painting. Her work is generous in color, paint and texture. Dynamic lighting and the illusion of 3-D are distinctive qualities that define her work. To see examples of Anita’s work visit

Anita received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University. She is a member of the Cross Timbers Guild, Grapevine Art Project, and Visual Arts Society of Texas. In addition to her passion for creating art, she also enjoys teaching art. She teaches workshops, group classes, and private lessons. Her students placed highest honors at the Texas State Fair the last three years, including two Best of Show awards. Anita herself has been the recipient of several awards and recognitions including:

  • Acceptance into the 2002 Spring Salon, 241 works accepted out of 942, ‘Evolution’
  • First Place in the Intermountain Autumn Show , ‘Leaf with droplets’
  • Excellent for the Utah County Fall Show ‘Peonies -n- Pears’
  • Acceptance into the Religious and Spirituality Exhibit at the Springville Museum of Art, ‘Adversity Forms Magnificence’
  • Chosen one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s Best Artists and featured in the 2009 and the 2010 CityArtCal Calendar

Anita studied painting in Canada under the instruction of Watercolour Masters Willie Wong and Marilyn Kinsella. In the United States she received instruction from Tony Couch, Robert T. Barrett, Robert Marshall, Don Seegmiller, Hagen Haltern, and Joseph Ostraff. Anita has received multiple awards for her work both locally and nationally. She has done corporate commission work for Flowserve and Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. Her work has been featured on book covers for Covenant Communications Publishing for both novelists Michelle Ashman Bell and Marilynne Todd Linford.


Hanna Chun

My love for art began when I was a little girl. Through my own interest and strong encouragement and support from my loving parents, I stayed on the Art pathway and earned a degree in Visual Art Studies at the University of North Texas. For over 7 years, which includes most of my high school and college years, I have enjoyed teaching children of all ages at a private art studio in Dallas. During that time, I taught nearly every aspect of art ranging from water colors, to etching, to oil painting and sculpting. My genuine love and understanding for art and children allows me to easily and quickly connect with children in a way that nurtures their natural curiosity for art.

As a Young Artist Teacher at the Art House, I have the opportunity to reach out to an even wider spectrum of children who are already curious about Art and to continue to feed and grow that interest by passing down to them the skills, imagination, and excitement that I have learned and developed over the past 15 years. My hope is to not only inspire the minds of our future generations but to also inspire the minds of the parents as well. A young elementary art student once said,

My artwork is never bad, There’s no right or wrong way, My effort makes me feel glad, I would draw anything, an ocean or a bay. Bright colors, lines are bold; artwork is like gold.

Such powerful words from a young mind that I hope all students of Art may share.


Barbara HackBarbara Hack


Barbara Hack received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting with an intensive study in Europe and additional training in New York. Her love for figurative work has led to a career in portraiture, fashion illustration and as a courtroom artist. Her work shares a variety of mediums including graphite, pastels, prismacolor, and oils. Barbara served as an artist in residence for St. Mary’s School in Oklahoma. She and her husband, Greg, are proud parents of two daughters, Madison and Whitney.

Barbara teaches Studio, Tween, Teen and Adult Studio Artists classes. Ms. Hack’s love of Art and her desire to create quality art for herself is a wonderful influence on her students.

Britt Riggin


Britt received her Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Brigham Young University. Her emphasis was in Child Development. She loves working with and teaching kids!

Britt’s love for art started as a child watching her mom paint, helping her dad with his professional photography and visiting art museums  from a young age. Britt began developing her art first as a photographer, and then began manipulating her photography in photoshop. Now Britt’s art includes sculpting, drawing, and painting, with her focus being acrylic paint.

As a teacher of our children art classes, Britt’s greatest strength lies in encouraging children. While learning artistic skills is a great result of her art classes, Britt really tries to build children’s confidence in themselves and invites them to find the good in their own work rather than comparing themselves to other students.


Mary Kearney HullMary Kearney Hull

Mary is a professional artist and graphic designer in the DFW area. She studied art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and recently completed her degree in art at the University of Central Arkansas. Her artwork is about awareness of the lives we live and those we touch everyday.

Mary is also an advocate for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Over the years she has formed a non-profit foundation, an art gallery for special needs artists and developed a traveling awareness art show. She is also a past case manager and personal trainer serving individuals with special needs.

Mary believes that art is for everyone and is a priceless form of communication and heeling to those that have a hard time understanding or communicating what they feel.

Erica Norwood

Erica NorwoodThe day that Erica was old enough to hold a crayon was the day that she began her passion for art. “I’ve always loved to draw realistically and also to bring to life images from my imagination. But it was the day that I began painting that I truly fell in love with art! I am constantly inspired by the world around me, and I love re-discovering artwork of the past and rendering it in a modern style. Before pursuing a degree in studio art I was enrolled in childhood development classes.

The joy I find in teaching children combined with my love for art led me to Art House, and my realization that constant practice is not only fun, but results in dramatic improvement, only furthers my belief that children are just as capable as adults at creating beautiful and unique artwork.”